Website design for small business owners

  • Does your old small business website design look tired, renders slowly, and displays poorly, on a tablet or mobile phone ?
  • Are you a small business owner or one man band company that does not have a web presence?
  • Is it hard to find your site on the search engine results pages ?

If you answered yes to any of the above you will be losing valuable business.

Our aim is to build and design a solidly based website for any small business, and at a very affordable price.

Search engine optimization - SEO - what is it ?

The Wikipedia definition is : Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of increasing the visibility of a site, or a web page, in a search engines natural or unpaid (organic) search page results.

If you are not on the first page of search results your website is really only of any use as a brochure site for people who already know you.

By using good clean, fast loading, web compliant code with relevant content we can achieve good rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Website Maintainence

Google and other search engines love sites that are updated regularly - they see that your website design is active which helps your SEO and gains positions in the results pages.
As part of our web design package we review your site, and where necessary make alterations, to maintain, or improve, your search engine position.
If you have a site that incorporates a price list this can be updated quickly, as and when needed, all included in the monthly fee.